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Cross Pollination of Technology Facilitates  and accelerates the pace of technology Innovation. The Semantic web, Google’s Knowledge graph, and Facebook graph search are all now commonly used terms. Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm as well as Facebook’s updates to their graph Search algorithm, in conjunction with the release of items such as Google Glass and the Samsung Gear, are all blatant indications of this fact.

Ignoring this fact is tantamount to technology suicide, however many struggle to cross this paradigm chasm.  Making this strategic shift is paramount to success in todays technology world. With the assistance of our background and expertise, we can enable this shift to happen for your business in many arenas.

From simply adding Semantic Markup to a website to optimize visibility of your site in Search Engines or Google’s knowledge graph, to adding a Semantic Component to your System architecture for some other type of Search (internal), Semantic recommendation or Semantic Orchestration of services, we can satisfy that need.


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