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  • If your customers can’t find what you’re selling (products, events, services, etc.), they can’t buy them.
  • If your staff can’t find the information they need, they can’t be productive.
  • If you can’t find meaning in Big Data (and small) you can’t make informed business decisions.

SEO Services

Content Optimization

Not all content is created equal.  In addition, not all content is “smart content.”

What does “smart content” mean, and how may it benefit you or your organization?

In general, content tends to be standard text.  That  aspect of content means that search engines have to resort to techniques such as “natural language processing” and related technologies in order to try and correctly interpret your content.  Smart content on your web pages, means that the content is smart enough to be able to display itself unambiguously to search engines, and also provide the benefits you need in order to optimize that same information to the humans who read it. Smart content is also capable of understanding context.

We can make the content on your webpage “smart.” Smart content not only sends consistent signals to search and social engines, but also knows how to interpret itself and display itself in a fashion that looks good to humans AND is optimal to the way machines may understand it.  We do this by aligning your content directly to concepts within Google’s knowledge graph and other knowledge or social graphs. We also optimize your content for human readability and user experience leveraging words, natural language and other media that humans prefer. All this results in your content gaining maximum visibility to your target audience.

Digital Asset Optimization

Every organization has many digital assets that need to be optimized, based on both their offerings as well as what facilitates in creating an attractive and positive user experience.  These assets can range from raw datasets to specific types of media (images, video, articles, etc). Understanding how different types of digital assets are treated by the major search and social engines, combined with how end consumers may utilize that type of content is critical in optimizing it for maximum visibility on the web. We offer services which specifically optimize each and every form of digital media for maximum visibility with respect to a relevant/targeted audience/demographic.

Entity Optimization

There are many entities and concepts that exist that can be used to both define and differentiate a business: its offerings, its benefits, targeted demographic and more. Using the concepts and entities in your business, we will optimize your web presence to align with the Knowledge Graphs of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

Entity Research

Entity Research is now a foregone conclusion in terms of describing how search works in today’s major consumer giants.  How is it possible to leverage this for a business? The notion of “entity research” is somewhat akin to the very well known concept in SEO of “keyword research.”  However, we have taken those notions several steps further and made them relevant to the notion of “entities”, the Google knowledge graph, and more.

Contact us for a free 30 minute consultation and/or demo as to how this works. Extensions tailored to your Organization/Domain

In today’s world, and particularly as it applies to larger organizations, and what it covers is insufficient.  In many regards, it was defined to address broad concepts. The truth is that concepts, categories, and entities that specifically define your organization are what in fact provide it with a unique edge and define its value added. In that case, the optimal approach to leveraging is to extend it with an ontology/vocabulary that precisely differentiates your organization/website and allows search engines to both understand that, as well as highlight those differences end users — your customers.

With our many decades of combined experience in this arena, we are ideally situated to implement this for your organization.

        Semantic Site Audit

There has been a significant paradigm shift in the last couple of years, specifically towards that of Semantic Search, which is a technique all the major consumer giants are leveraging extensively. Along with that shift, has arisen a need for websites to send strong and consistent signals to the search and social engines in order to attract their targeted audience.  We can:

  • Analyze those signals
  • Provide a breakdown as to what signals are being sent
  • Show how consistent they are (this can affect the confidence level and trust that search and social engines have in information from your site)
  • Ensure that the signals you are sending are precisely those “signals” and “messages” you intend to send.  That is, how is your business being perceived?
  • Amplify those signals to reach the largest targeted audience possible

We conduct a preliminary and baseline “semantic audit” – which determines precisely what signals are being sent in terms of both implicit and explicit entities, for each and every one of your web pages.

Training Classes in Semantic Technology and Semantic SEO

We offer training classes in the areas of semantic search, semantic web and other related technologies.  Looking to get your organization (or yourself) up to speed in how to mark up web sites using the latest technology adopted by the major consumer giants?  Would you like the training courses to be specifically tailored to a vertical or domain (such as e-commerce, recipes, automotive, media formats ….)? Is there a specific audience you wish to train? (technical, non-technical, marketing, sales, front-end developers, back-end developers, database experts, executives…)

We offer precisely such classes.  And are able to provide them in-house for those organizations that would prefer those courses customized to their needs

Contact us for a free 30-minute consultation and to customize your wishes.

Ontology Creation

What is an Ontology? In many regards, it is nothing more than a vocabulary or lexicon.  However what it additionally implies is a more formal, machine oriented means of representing those concepts typically represented as a vocabulary or lexicon, in a manner that is also understandable to machines. When it comes to optimizing information for consumer facing applications, like the web or optimizing visibility in search engines such as Google, it can mean understanding the ontologies they use, or leveraging the standards they adopt.

However, not all organizations are created equal, do the same thing, perform the same function or offer the same service. For  organizations with a very large and distinctive set of offerings, this can be best articulated and represented in a manner both optimal for corporate and consumer consumption with a “data layer”.  That data layer can provide a mapping between how this is seen externally by consumer facing applications and associated visibility and also enterprise specific concepts best utilized for targeting both of those demographics. It can also effectively “map” one context to another, assuming it is implemented correctly.

We have collective decades of experience in that arena, primarily in the enterprise domain.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Services

e-Commerce product feed creation and optimization

As experienced data quality experts in the arena of both data quality per se, as well as data quality in regards to e-commerce specifically, we understands what it means in terms of the advantages that can be obtained as it pertains to both the quality, accuracy and granularity of your e-commerce data, as well as how it maps to taxonomies/ontologies in well known e-commerce destinations/portals such as amazon and google shopping.  We have extensive experience and a proven track record, both in optimizing the data feeds themselves, as well as in aligning that information to major e-commerce portals.

If you have any questions, or to request a free 30-minute consultation, please contact us and we will get back to you shortly.