The Future is The Internet of Things

The Future is The Internet of Things

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The Future is The Internet of Things

The future clearly lies in the internet of things.  In many respects, this can be viewed as an extension of the Semantic Web.  Devices may have a URI (Uniform Resource identifier): , and the associated unique identifiers and information may be derived from an RFID.  RFID tags may be used for all types of interesting purposes.  They are unique identifiers and associated with the internet of things in a manner analagous to that in which GTIN’s (or UPC’s in the US) are associated to products.

The internet of things, can and will benefit enormously by leveraging the semantic web and semantic technologies in general.  There are many early examples of this, such as Google Glass, at whose core lies the concepts inherent in the knowledge graph, to the newl released Samsung Gear.

The ubiquity and proliferation of many types of computing devices, ranging from phones you may keep on your person, to watches, glasses and the very pills you take in daily medication are already having a large impact on our daily life.  The concept of “Semantic Computing” defined by Dr. Phil Sheu incorporates all of these notions.

There is a lot more on this topic to follow,  as well as in the following blog post, so stay tuned for more information.



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