The Future is M-commerce

The Future is M-commerce

Posted by on Oct 4, 2013 in Blog, Featured, Portfolio

The Future is M-commerce

The Global Graph of Commerce exists today in its still nascent state as an underlying ecosystem of its own, that not many are aware of.  Although this system is well integrated with the rest of the web, in part it is a huge facilitator for the rest of the web and web 3.0.  This is partially because of the enormous amount of traffic (in billions of currency) that pass through it on an annual basis, as well as the fact that is a very rapidly growing technology sector in terms of YOY (Year -on – Year) increase.

Although that growth rate is retail category dependent, the numbers boggle the mind, especially as more and more of this traffic moves to mobile type devices (Such as iphones, ipads and other emerging non pc/laptop type and portable devices).

I have written in the past about how semantic markup can be leveraged to create an e-commerce portal.  You can read more about that aspect of it in an article I wrote in the past, here at SearchEngineland.

In addition, from a product findability point of view, you can also find an example of it usage out in the wild.  This actually an illustrated guide on how to infuse your commerce web page with e-commerce related semantic markup (goodrelations) , which you can find here.

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