SemanticFuse is a Premier Consulting Firm, specializing in increasing profitability in eCommerce by infusing Semantic Technology into your existing system. The founding team has over a century of combined experience in Semantic Technologies in many domains.

SemanticFuse was founded by Semantic Technology veterans.  They have watched the evolution not only of the semantic web, but even the web itself.  They have seen Semantic Technology and other fields like image recognition spun out of the discipline of computer science originally known as “Artificial Intelligence”.  As fields like image recognition evolved and became technology viable they formed disciplines of their own. Semantic Technology effectively covers all those technologies that are defined by the evolving discipline of Semantic Computing.  Semantics means meaning, and thus Semantic Computing  innately includes any technology that involves the use of an ontology (vocabulary or lexicon is another way to understand the term, although there are those that will disagree).  This means technologies such as natural language processing (nlp), machine learning and classification systems, the semantic web, graph based technologies, recommendation engines and many more.  You can find the formal definition here: but in reality a better one exists at the site of the IEEE conference for Semantic Computing, to be held in June of 2014.


Photo of Barbara Starr

Barbara Starr

Barbara Starr, Semantic Strategist and Founder of SemanticFuse was recruited to the United States from a teaching position while studying for her doctoral degree in South Africa to build expert trading systems on Wall Street. Barbara has worked in the area of Semantic Technologies in many domains for the past two decades and has watched the evolution of the semantic web.She now provides consulting services such as Semantic Search Engine Optimization, Semantic Technology consulting, Product Feed Optimization and Streamlining, and other related services for e-commerce sites and enterprise level businesses. She worked as Principal Investigator on government programs such as ARDA’s ACQUAINT ( genesis for IBM Watson) and the DARPA HPKB (High Performance Knowledge Bases) and was also involved in the DARPA PAL program (precursor to SIRI). In 2010, she began working with Overstock.com and has remained passionate about the e-commerce domain ever since. She now works with major organizations in the e-commerce arena, such as GS1 US. She is also a columnist for SearchEngineLand (a major publication on SEO /SEM and online commerce) and occasional guest writer for other online publications. Amongst other things, she is also a governing board member of the Semantic Computing Consortium and industry Co-Chair for the IEEE international conference on Semantic Computing. She also founded and organizes the semantic web San Diego meetup well as several others, and is a frequent speaker at related conferences and events.

Photo of Eric Franzon

Eric Franzon

Eric Franzon, Semantic Strategist at SemanticFuse, has been working with Semantic Technologies since 2004 when he helped launch the Semantic Technology & Business Conference Series (#SemTechBiz). The conference is entering its 10th annual conference season in 2014 and Eric is the conference program chair. He is president and editor of SemanticWeb.com, a publication about the business of Semantic Technologies.Eric is an executive with experience in highly technical subject areas, business analysis, marketing, communications, and operations. He has worked as a Semantic Technology evangelist, coach, journalist, community organizer, consultant and business analyst. A skilled speaker and trainer, Eric has taught professionals from many disciplines including DBA’s, Enterprise Architects, web developers, Computer Science and MIS PhD candidates, Venture Capitalists, business leaders, marketers, and PR representatives. He is an Advisory Committee representative of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and was an analyst with Chris Shipley’s Guidewire Group.