Can’t Find it? You Can’t Buy it!

Don't be rendered invisible

The challenge in today’s online world, specifically relating to that of e-tail (or e-commerce) is ensuring that your products are findable on the web. In order to be found in...

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Unzip the Formula for Success In E-commerce

Leverage GTINS & Structured Data

Ever since the Hummingbird update, there has been a ton of Internet buzz about entity search. What is entity search? How does it work? And what exactly is an “entity”? However,...

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How to Harness the Knowledge Graph

Mark Up Entities on your Webpage

Understanding the Knowledge Graph, its roots and its purpose, are critical in terms of Harnessing its power, and in leveraging that power for your business, website or digital...

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Semantic Search is changing the landscape of Search results

Is your Website Ready?

Several days ago, I wrote a post for SearchEngineLand, entitled “From 10 blue links to Entity SERPS.  Is your website ready?” (For those of you not familiar with the...

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The Key To Mobile Success

Semantic Technology is Key

How to Create Great Mobile Content & Why Mobile Entity SERPS Work I recently wrote an article in SearchEngineLand (It published on Jan 2, 2014) entitled “Succeeding...

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Enabled by Semantic Computing

Google Now, Google Now Cards, Knowledge Graph Panels, Entity Cards, The Semantic web, Semantic Search,  Google’s Knowledge graph,, Ontologies, structured markup,...

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The Future is M-commerce

Commerce Graph (Web Of Commerce)

The Global Graph of Commerce exists today in its still nascent state as an underlying ecosystem of its own, that not many are aware of.  Although this system is well integrated...

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The Future is The Internet of Things

Enabled by Semantic Computing

The future clearly lies in the internet of things.  In many respects, this can be viewed as an extension of the Semantic Web.  Devices may have a URI (Uniform Resource...

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- Semantic Technology & Business Conference
San Jose, CA, August 2014

- IEEE International Semantic Computing Conference
Newport Beach, CA, June 16 – 18, 2014

- GS1 Connect
San Diego, June 8-12, 2014

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SemanticFuse has offices in California and Montana with additional team members worldwide.

Carlsbad, CA
Phone: +1-858-779-4460
Fax: +1-480-772-4965
Missoula, MT
Phone: +1-323-856-1474
Fax: +1-406-235-7415

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– Semantic Markup Infusion
– Semantic Data Fusion
– Semantic SEO
– Semantic SEO Roadmap/Audit
– Semantic Technology Roadmap/Audit
– Semantic Streamlining of Product Feeds/Catalogs
– Content Optimization
– Semantic Consulting
– Semantic In-House Training
– Semantic Interest Graph Generation

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Easy to understand and entertaining

CEO, Stealth Start-up

“You gave one of the most easy to understand and entertaining technical presentations that I’ve ever seen on a subject that can easily confuse most people. You have a true gift.”

Semantic Markup was Infused into our Product Pages

Large Online Retailer

“We had over 900,000 item product pages semantically marked up, 2 days prior to Google adopting it.  This occurred in November which is a critical time for e-tailers. We were delighted to be pre-positioned to take advantage of this timely adoption on Google’s part.”

Incredibly easy for us to get it on the first round.

PR Company with a top-tier database vendor client.

“I hired Eric to give one of my teams a tutorial on Semantics and SPARQL as many were newbies to the technology and had just landed a new client in the field. He brought the class down to a level we could all understand and made it incredibly easy for us to get it on the first round. He was very patient and gave an incredibly crisp presentation that flowed and was applicable to all of us. I highly recommend him and would hire him again in a minute.”