Semantic Search is changing the landscape of Search results

Is your Website Ready?

Several days ago, I wrote a post for SearchEngineLand, entitled “From 10 blue links to Entity SERPS.  Is your website ready?” (For those of you not familiar with the...

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The Key To Mobile Success

Semantic Technology is Key

How to Create Great Mobile Content & Why Mobile Entity SERPS Work I recently wrote an article in SearchEngineLand (It published on Jan 2, 2014) entitled “Succeeding...

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Semantic Web (Web Of Data)

Cross Pollination of Technology Facilitates  and accelerates the pace of technology Innovation. The Semantic web, Google’s Knowledge graph, and Facebook graph search are...

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Enabled by Semantic Computing

When it comes to search, we are accustomed to queries that are initiated client-side and not server-side. But, Google Now and similar services are altering this long-standing...

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The Future is Graph Search

Knowledge Graph: "things not strings"

In a June 2010 Semantic Web Meetup in San Diego, Peter Mika of Yahoo!’s research division gave a presentation entitled, “The future face of Search is Semantic for Facebook,...

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The Future is M-commerce

Commerce Graph (Web Of Commerce)

The Global Graph of Commerce exists today in its still nascent state as an underlying ecosystem of its own, that not many are aware of.  Although this system is well integrated...

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The Future is Semantic

Semantic Search a Key Component

Search is strongly featured in the all-important September issue of Vogue, which includes a 10-page layout of models wearing Google Glass, along with an in-depth feature on Yahoo...

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The Future is The Internet of Things

Enabled by Semantic Computing

The future clearly lies in the internet of things.  In many respects, this can be viewed as an extension of the Semantic Web.  Devices may have a URI (Uniform Resource...

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The Future is Semantic Fusion

Semantic Fusion: Seamlessly Fusing Data

We live at the intersection of the Semantic Web, Semantic Technologies (machine learning, classification technologies, data mining and text analytics) Cloud computing,...

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Upcoming Events

- EDW Austin,
April 2014

- GS1 Connect San Diego,
June 8-12 2014

- IEEE International Semantic Computing Conference
Newport Beach, June 16 – 18 2014

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Semantic Markup was Infused into our Product Pages

Large Online Retailer

We had over 900,000 item product pages semantically marked up, 2 days prior to Google adopting it.  This occurred n November which is a critical time for e-tailers. We were delighted to be pre-positioned to take advantage of this timely adoption on Google’s part.